About Us

We believe that no one should have to live with Domestic Abuse in their life.
We exist to make this belief a reality. 

Our work has two main aims:

The first is to help adults and children who are suffering domestic abuse, or who have suffered it in the past. We offer practical help, and emotional support in such cases. 

Our second purpose is to raise awareness of domestic abuse, so that it can be avoided, prevented or targeted quickly. We work to change attitudes that allow unhealthy relationships to take place, by providing services to make people conscious of the signs and causes of domestic abuse. This work includes education in schools. 

We are made up of 4 organisations covering Kent:

Together “We are the domestic consortium violence team in Kent”.

For if we do not afford every individual safety, dignity and respect within our homes, schools, businesses and communities, how can we ever dream of achieving it on a grander scale?

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