Health Professionals

The consortium partners have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of clients who come to us for support. We are keen to work with professionals from the health sector to improve outcomes and to support the development of staff in order that hidden domestic abuse can be identified which will enable an improvement to health outcomes.


SafeLives have undertaken research through their insights programme into the issues faced by clients when engaging with non-domestic abuse professionals:


The partners in the consortium offer Safe Enquiry training days to help health staff appreciate the need to have a routine enquiry attitude and to develop the skills to ask, and to handle the response. Please contact us on if your team would appreciate this training.


We have also devised this Safe Enquiry eLearning package, which is not a replacement for the above, but does give a bite-sized opportunity to access the key points.


The Safe Enquiry eLearning package is for you to use for individual or team learning. It is aimed at health staff, but could support any professional development. Please complete the contact form, so that we can track how this package is being used, and we will send you a download link.

Thank You.


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