Positive Relationships Form

If you would prefer to download a referral form please so here.  Fill out and send as an attachment to admin@risingsunkent.com.

To find out more information please contact the our offices here.


Criteria for Referral 

Girls aged 11-16 who are more susceptible to early sex, early conceptions and violent and coercive relationships.

  • Looked after children and children in need aged 11-13
  • Girls aged 11-16 excluded and missing from education
  • Girls aged 11-16 with a conduct disorder and low attainment
  • Girls who are already parents and/or have experienced domestic abuse
  • Girls who have learning disabilities and are in mainstream education
  • Girls who have siblings that are teenage parents and/or who have entered into coercive and violent relationship
  • Girls who have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse within the family home