Positive Relationships

Positive Relationships

Positive Relationships is a KCC early intervention programme for girls aged 11-16.

This programme is formed of 1-1 mentoring and group work to support young people in their development and knowledge of risk taking behaviours, self-confidence and improved emotional well-being for:

  • looked after children and children in need aged 11-13
  • girls aged 11-16 excluded and missing from education
  • girls aged 11-16 with a conduct disorder and low attainment
  • girls who are already parents and/or have experienced domestic abuse
  • girls who have learning disabilities and are in mainstream education
  • girls who have siblings that are teenage parents and/or who have entered into coercive and violent relationships
  • girls who have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse within the family home

Girls aged 11-16 who are more susceptible to early sex, early conceptions and violent and coercive relationships

The programme aims to:

  • promote self esteem
  • raise awareness of safe relationships
  • explore gendered behavior issues
  • embed positive coping strategies
  • enable young people to have safe behaviour
  • understand rights and responsibilities 

See our leaflet for this programme here. 

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