Independent Domestic Violence Advisers Form


Please note that from Monday 20th April all referrals for the Kent Domestic Abuse Consortium, (KDAC), IDVA Service, (which includes the IDVA teams from Choices; Oasis Domestic Abuse Service; SATEDA and Rising Sun Domestic Violence Project), should to be referred via the central referral system. The referral will then be allocated to the most appropriate IDVA across Kent. The administrator will inform you of receipt of the referral and the supporting IDVA will then update you when they have been able to contact the victim.

Please see below IDVA referral process

All referrals should be sent securely either via a secure email or by password protecting the document. Referrals can be made in the following ways: 

  • If you have a secure email address please complete a referral form and send to:
  • For all other emails, please attach a referral form and send to:                                 Please ensure that you password protect any referral and contact the Helpline on 07926 842 183 with the password. 
  • A copy of a MARAC referral form would be accepted as a referral form, which should be can be sent to or password protected to

For any enquiries or password details, please call the IDVA Helpline on 07926 842 183

Please note that any referrals not received centrally may not be treated as a priority referral.